A to Z Guide

Accessibility: For more detailed information, please refer to the Accessibility Guide. 
Address and Phone Number:
NRG Park
One NRG Park
Houston, Texas 77054
Main Phone Number: 832-667-1400
Animals: Guests of NRG Park are not permitted to bring animals into the facilities. Exceptions are permitted for guide, signal or service animals to aid guests with disabilities and any animals
integral to an approved event at NRG Park.
Appearance: NRG Park strives to create a very positive environment for all guests. All guests entering NRG Park must wear a shirt and shoes for their safety. Guests wearing obscene, offensive
or indecent clothing will not be permitted to enter. NRG Park reserves the right to determine what clothing is obscene, offensive or indecent without any liability.
Automobile Trouble: The NRG Park Parking Department provides complimentary assistance service to guests experiencing automobile trouble, before, during and up to one hour after any event. For
more information, please call 832-667-1400.
Bag Policy: Bag policies vary per event. More information on specific events can be found via the event page on our web Calendar, or by emailing guestservices@nrgpark.com. Backpacks and large bags that exceed 11”x17” are not allowed. Necessary diaper bags and medical bags are subject to inspection before entry. All Houston Texans games and NFL contracted events follow the NFL Clear Bag Policy. For more information regarding the Houston Texans NFL Clear Bag Policy, please visit here.
Banners/Signs: Handheld banners and signs are permitted at NRG Park facilities provided they are in good taste as determined by NRG Park management. Signs may not be commercial in nature or
utilize wood, metal or similar types of materials for support. Banners and signs may not be affixed or hung anywhere in the facilities or displayed in a manner that obstructs guests' views of the event or facility advertising signage.
Budweiser Plaza: Budweiser Plaza is a full-service bar located on the South side of NRG Stadium. It is open to all guest three hours prior to and for the duration of every NRG Stadium event.
Box Office: For location and hours, please visit the Box Office page.
Camera Policy: A camera policy is determined by each show, and therefore varies from event to event. Small, point and shoot cameras are allowed for Houston Texans and RodeoHouston events. No audio or video recorders are allowed for any event.
Children: Children two years of age and older will require a ticket to attend.
Credentials: Certain areas of the NRG Park facilities are restricted areas and access requires either an official credential or ticket. We ask that guests please honor this policy. Guests entering restricted areas without official credentials or tickets will be escorted out of the restricted areas into unrestricted areas.
Directions: For directions, please visit our Directions page for detailed instructions and a map.
Disorderly Conduct: NRG Park strives to create enjoyable environments for all guests. Any guest not complying with NRG Park policies or local, state and federal laws is subject to ejection. Your ticket to an event is a revocable license. The ticket bearer must abide by facility and governing regulations. A guest creating a nuisance, disturbance or interruption for other guests shall be warned first to correct behavior. Recurring disorderly conduct shall be cause for ejection from NRG Park.
Emergency Evacuation Procedures: NRG Park ensures that all staff is properly trained in all emergency preparedness procedures. Designated team members have the primary duty of assisting and directing ADA guests to specific evacuation locations. First Aid: Certified EMS services are available at all NRG Park events. First Aid stations are located in all facilities.

Guest Services: There are Guest Services booths located at each NRG Park facility. They are staffed with knowledgeable Guest Services Representatives who will assist with any questions or concerns.
Hotels: There are several hotels located within the cultural center and urban hub of Harris County that provide easy access to NRG Park. For more information, please contact the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors’ Bureau.

Lost and Found:  Guests must call before coming to NRG Park to pick up any lost items to verify that the item has actually been turned in. Items are held for 30 days before they are disposed of or donated to an appropiate charitable organization. To request information on a lost item, please call 832.667.1714 to leave a message. Please allow 24 hours for a call back. 
  • NRG Stadium: Please report any lost items to any Guest Services booth located on the 100, 300 and 500 levels
  • NRG Center: Please report any lost items at Hall C Lobby.
Lost/Stolen Tickets: Lost tickets may be replaced by calling the NRG Park Box Office. New tickets will be printed and the lost tickets will become void and invalid for entry. All lost tickets will be reported to NRG Park Security for monitoring.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: NRG Park understands that many guests are allergic or sensitive to chemicals in aftershaves, colognes and perfumes. NRG Park requests that guests refrain from wearing artificial scents of any kind when attending events.
Parking: To view parking map and for more detailed information, please visit our Parking page.
Phone Charging Stations: Courtesy of NRG, Inc. and for your convenience, phone-charging stations are located inside of all NRG Park facilities.
Prohibited Items: For the safety concerns of patrons, NRG Park may refuse entry of individuals in possession of prohibited items including, but not limited to: all weapons and firearms, all handguns, air horns, video recorders, audio recorders, professional camera equipment, photography lenses over 3” in length, whistles, noisemakers, sealed packages of any kind, bottles, cans, coolers, containers, fireworks, Frisbees, inflatable objects (beach balls, swim equipment, etc.), illegal substances, laser pointers/pens, outside food or beverage (Exceptions are made for medical reasons and children), remote controlled cars, Skateboards, Hoverboards, UAVs, Drones, binocular cases and camera cases.  This list is in no way exhaustive, and other items may be prohibited at the sole discretion of NRG Stadium Management. 
Public Transportation: For more information on NRG Park’s public transit options, please visit our Public Transportation page.
Re-Entry: NRG Park facilities have a No Re-entry policy, unless otherwise posted. Once you exit a facility, you will not be permitted to return.
Refunds and Exchanges: All ticket sales are final with the exception of canceled events or refused admission by NRG Park staff. Guests wanting to return tickets for canceled events must do so at their point of purchase.
Scalping: The reselling of NRG Park admission tickets on NRG Park property is strictly prohibited. Guests engaged in such activity will be escorted off premises without any liability to NRG Park.
Security Checkpoints: All items allowed into NRG Park facilities are subject to inspection. Bags larger than 11" x 17" and all backpacks will not be allowed. Lockers and storage areas are not available. Purses and diaper bags are subjecy to inspection.
Smoking Policy: NRG Park facilities are smoke free. Smoking is not permitted in public areas of the building. Designated smoking areas are located outside each facility. Electronic cigarettes are not permitted inside NRG Park facilities during Texans events
Solicitation/Vending: Unauthorized soliciting or collecting of contributions, vending, distribution of flyers or other promotional/advertising materials is not permitted at NRG Park.
Stadium Tours: For more detailed information regarding stadium tours, please visit our Stadium Tours page.
Tailgating: Tailgating is allowed in all NRG Park parking at all Houston Texans football games or at the discretion of the management. Port-A-Cans, trash dumpsters and ash bins are available in every parking lot. All tailgaters must use these responsibly.
The following rules must be followed to tailgate in the lots:
  • Parking lots will open 4 hours prior to kickoff for the Houston Texans and at the discretion of management for all other events.
  • You must purchase from the parking cashier or in advance additional spaces used to accommodate oversized vehicles or additional space for tailgating.
  • Parking is first come/first served; saving of spots will not be permitted.
  • Gates to NRG Stadium will open 2 hours prior to kickoff for the Houston Texans and at the discretion of management for all other events.
  • Tailgating will be limited to the parking spot and space directly behind or in front of each vehicle, whichever is adjacent to the drive lane, but not blocking the lane. You may not tailgate beyond the blue lines marked in the drive lane.
  • Each valid parking receipt/hangtag is good for one 8’x16’ parking spot.
  • Fans can purchase one additional parking space/hangtag for the additional tailgating area (subject to availability).
  • RV’s will need to purchase a minimum of two parking spots and need to park in designated RV areas in each lot. You will need to purchase additional spaces for canopies.
  • Barbeques in tow will need to purchase an additional space and be able to provide receipts upon request.
  • Open flames are allowed but guests must extinguish flames before entering NRG Stadium.
  • For safety purposes, all tents, chairs, etc. must be put away prior to kickoff.
  • Large balloons are not permitted as decoration.
  • The use of golf carts, bikes and scooters are strictly prohibited.
  • Music should be kept to a minimum.
  • NRG Park will conform to all Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission laws, including the section that prohibits the public consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of licensed areas on Sundays prior to 10:00 a.m. Violation of state law could result in arrest or citation. NRG Park urges you to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.
  • Please observe and obey the parking attendants and police when parking your vehicle.
  • You must park as directed by the parking attendants. Vehicles will be parked systematically, stall by stall, row by row, regardless of the occupancy status of the lot. Failure to park as directed can result in termination of your parking privileges.
  • Blocking or saving parking spaces is prohibited. Fans who wish to tailgate together must arrive together.
  • Overnight parking is not allowed, unless authorized by management.
  • Fire Extinguisher: Minimum rating of 2-A:10-B:C Must be fully charged and available at all times.
  • Charcoal: Must be match-light or quick-light type of charcoal. Use of lighter fluid is strictly prohibited. Provide a metal pan under the B-B-Q pit to prevent ashes from falling onto the ground. Deposit coals in the orange containers provided. Do not throw trash in the ashbins. • Propane: Ensure connections are tight to prevent leaks. Drippings from gas grills must not fall onto the ground.
  • Trash: Keep area clear of trash. Avoid allowing trash to accumulate around B-B-Q pits. Deposit trash in green dumpsters, not in orange ash containers.
  • Pit Safety: Keep combustible materials at least three (3) feet away from pits. Placement of pits should be such that passers by cannot come into contact with the pit. Watch for children playing in the area. Do not leave burning pits unattended. DO NOT PLACE HOT PITS OR COALS UNDER VEHICLES. ALLOW TIME FOR PITS TO COOL.
  • Generators: Use of Generators is allowed; however, fuel must be stored in (UL) approved metal safety cans with spring-loaded lid and flashback guard.
Ticket Policy: A valid ticket for the event is required for admittance to NRG Park facilities unless otherwise indicated.
Will Call: Guests ordering tickets through Ticketmaster Charge-by-Phone may pick up tickets at the will call line located at the box office during box office hours prior to the event. A valid picture I.D. and the credit card used to purchase the tickets will be required before releasing the tickets.
Guests are not permitted to pick up tickets under another name without proper written authorization.