NRG Astrodome

Billed as “The Eighth Wonder of the World” by Judge Roy Hofheinz, the 70,000-seat Astrodome, debuted in 1965 as the world’s first domed stadium. This iconic stricter served as an important sports and performance facility in Harris County for nearly forty years. While the future of NRG Astrodome is uncertain, its memories will last in the hearts of many forever.




Building Features:

Total square footage: 1 million gsf

Dome Floor Square Footage

Baseball configuration - 126,728 plus 14,230 West end raised area without West end bleachers installed.

Seating Capacity

Football - 62,000
Baseball - 54,000
Concerts/Special Events - 70,000

Dimensions (Field)

North to South - 288'
West to East - 456'
Height from center of dome - 208'